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Save a rare bear in Italy!

You can help us save three unique Marsican bears, an endemic subspecies of the brown bear that today only exists in a small area in the Central Apennines in Italy, just 2 hours from Rome. Only some 50 of these bears still survive and any dead bear means a huge damage for the survival of this subspecies. We need to fund further actions to help them avoid being killed. A crucial tool is to provide local beekeepers and farmers with electric fencing, to keep the bears out of their beehives and chicken coops, and these are urgently needed!

Preventing human-bear conflicts

Especially in the village of Pettorano sul Gizio, which is situated in the middle of the ecological corridor between the Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise National Park and the Majella National Park, the situation is urgent. This area is very important for the bears’ opportunities to spread into the Majella National Park where they used to roam in older times. But right here, three bears are now frequently raiding the villagers’ unprotected chicken pens and beehives. The continuous presence of these bears right among the houses and the damage caused has really been stressing the local community, requiring urgent action. One bear has already been illegally shot by a frustrated villager.

We want to help the villagers to live with bears passing through, but without having to suffer from it and rather be able to enjoy it. The village is situated in a part of the Monte Genzana Regional Reserve, but the protected area authority has very little funding to handle exceptional events like these. So far, 20 electric fences have already been provided by Rewilding Apennines, with technical support through our locally employed Bear Advocates. The result has been that the villagers now don’t feel left alone to tackle the problems and they see that we are really helping them in coping with this new emergency. But more funding is now needed for at least 40 more fences in order to cover all the potential targets of the bears, in the village and the nearby farms. The fences are seen as very efficient, each fence composed by electric wire, poles and a battery.

What will we do with your contribution, and what is your reward?

The cost for a fence of average length, including mounting it is about 300 euros and we need 40 more such fences, to make sure the problem is solved for the villagers, which means we need 12,000 euros for it. So, in short, to save a bear around this village costs about 4,000 euros each.

If you pay to save one bear, we will invite you in on a bear adventure there to try to see it, and why not during the colourful Melonia Apple Harvest Festival!

Donate half of that amount and we will arrange a very generous discount for you on a bear adventure here.

If you pay for one of the fences (300 euros), we will send you a jar of locally produced, bear-friendly jam or honey.

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“Our ability to respond quickly to the needs of both bears and people in the area is key to the success. Public administrations don’t have the same flexibility for emergency actions as a private, non-profit organisation like us in Rewilding Apennines do. This is where we want to make the difference and this is where you can really help us”.

Alberto Zocchi, Team leader, Central Apennines

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  • Russell Griffiths (24/02/2015 | 15:24)

    A small donation which hopefully will go some way to aiding the survival of these magnificent bears. Abruzzo, Italy and the world of nature will be a sadder place without them.

  • Kokopelli Camping (24/02/2015 | 08:58)

    We live amongst these beautiful and rare creatures and have been lucky enough to spot one once. A magical moment. We are also lucky enough to live amongst the villagers too, a kind, warmhearted & hardworking people who live off the land, hunting and the seasons, but whose long history has left them in fear of the bear and wolf. The only way the large mammals of Abruzzo are going to survive and thrive is for organisations like Rewilding Europe to work with the villagers to help them live in harmony together with these animals. This is why we have contributed to this cause.

  • mike carthew (19/02/2015 | 14:31)

    There are very few truly wild ecosystems in the UK, most are manufactured agricultural spaces. I'm a massive supporter of Rewilding Europe and hope it starts to have a significant influence on the landscape of Great Britain as it has done elsewhere in Europe.

  • roy freezer (09/02/2015 | 22:28)

    becouse i live in the nat park of abruzzo and i want to help the bears and other wild animals suvive they have had a bad ride

  • Walter Bazzanella (08/02/2015 | 21:49)

    GOD bless the marsicans bears!

  • Rosalind Johnson (06/02/2015 | 13:46)

    The steps being taken to rewild parts of Europe fill me with hope
    In England much of our wildlife has been destroyed - initially by gamekeepers - and now commercial developers on this crowded island
    I hope the English can recover some of this lost treasure but meanwhile I warmly welcome the valuable work of Rewilding Europe as a major step towards enriching European ecosystems , preserving areas for the wildlife which are the indigenous inhabitants and enriching the lives of generations to come

  • Roland Babilon (26/01/2015 | 21:11)

    Without this seldom subspecies of brown bear, the ecosystem of Italy and also that of Europe would be less complete and Rewilding Europe´s plan regarding the marsican bear sounds reasonable and promising. That´s why I chose to give money for that project. Let us fight for an ecological Europe with the full spectrum of wildlife species!

  • Chris Dumont (18/01/2015 | 18:55)

    We need the wild!

  • Colleen Van Buskirk (13/01/2015 | 04:35)

    I contributed to save a little bit of wild Italy.

  • Achim Dittrich (09/01/2015 | 23:48)

    Though it is so difficult to tolerate wild predators of the size of a bear in our vicinity we have an obligation to ensure that bears too can still live on the same planet that we share with them

  • John Harrison (06/01/2015 | 22:25)

    Those bears need some help as they are special

  • Rita terWee-Hameeteman (31/12/2014 | 18:15)

    I care a lot for animals and I am concerned
    with the fate of the bears in Italy.

  • Richard Matthews (30/12/2014 | 12:18)

    Hey bears must live!

  • Jeanette McDermott (27/12/2014 | 02:33)

    I donated because we have to do whatever is possible to save this subspecies of the brown bear from going extinct. This is just one way that we can help to preserve this specie.

  • Barbara de Waard (24/12/2014 | 19:05)

    This project was well explained and the costs were clearly specified. This is the right way for NGOs to ask for support and I happily contribute to stop these bears from going extinct.

  • Anna Heslop (23/12/2014 | 17:43)

    I would love to see bears and people can thrive side by side - it would be too tragic to lose this beautiful creature just because of a lack of electric fencing!

  • iris niemeijer (23/12/2014 | 11:43)

    i like bears and i like the solution and practical approach of this project.

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