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Help these hairy beasts roam free!

Help us bring European bison back to where they once belonged. This is an animal that in the wild is more rare than the black rhino in Africa. We will get the bison from quality breeders, bring them to a wilderness release site and let these herds have their freedom in the wild, as part of a major reintroduction and repopulation programme.

Bison still under threat

The European bison is our continent’s largest wild land mammal. It was hunted to complete extinction in the wild, but luckily a few individuals survived in zoos. When their numbers were at the lowest, there were only 54 bison left remaining, originating from only 12 founders. Now, after many decades of breeding and reintroduction work, there just over 5,000 European bison, whereof about 3,500 of them live in the wild. One of the problems for bison today is that there are more bison produced in captivity than there are wild places available for bringing them to, and as a result they are often killed instead of being rewilded. We are trying to solve that by finding good areas for them, and helping the bison to get there. 

Ecological role

The bison is not only endangered and in strong need of more space to roam, it is also what is called a “keystone” species in Europe’s ecosystems. Its grazing and browsing pressure opens up bush land into open mosaic landscapes and its trampling and manure creates space for hundreds of other species. The bison is simply a biodiversity enforcer that we really need out there! Maybe even in a forest near you?

What will we do with your contribution, and what is your reward?

Altogether, this reintroduction work costs about 4,000 euros per bison.

If you pay for a whole bison, you are invited to experience their release on location as our special guest! All you have to do is travel to Armenis and we will take care of the rest.

But you can also contribute smaller amounts. For 1,000 euros, you will get free personal guided tour (maximum 5 people) to see the bison in the wild with one of our bison rangers.

If you give a smaller amount, this will help us feeding the bison during transport and acclimatisation in the release area.

For contributions over 300 euros, we will send you a nice box with a limited edition bison T-shirt, as well as a selection of local products from the Tarcu Mountains bison release area in the Southern Carpathians, Romania. This is also a way to help local people there realise that bison actually means business, also for the beekeepers and fruit farmers.

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  1. 04/03/2015 | 23:53

    Good initiative. After giving the amount of money which
    I was able to give, I hope that it will be possible to collect the necessary amount of money .

  2. 20/12/2014 | 23:02

    Excellent initiative. Just walked the Wisent Trail in the Netherlands and watched them roam free. Very much recommended!

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