Making Europe a Wilder Place

Stimulating a greater sense of joy and pride in the wild

Help these hairy beasts roam free!

Help us bring European bison back to where they once belonged. This is an animal that in the wild is more rare than the black rhino in Africa. We will get the bison from quality breeders, bring them to a wilderness release site and let these herds have their freedom in the wild, as part of a major reintroduction and repopulation programme.

Bison still under threat

The European bison is our continent’s largest wild land mammal. It was hunted to complete extinction in the wild, but luckily a few individuals survived in zoos. When their numbers were at the lowest, there were only 54 bison left remaining, originating from only 12 founders. Now, after many decades of breeding and reintroduction work, there just over 5,000 European bison, whereof about 3,500 of them live in the wild. One of the problems for bison today is that there are more bison produced in captivity than there are wild places available for bringing them to, and as a result they are often killed instead of being rewilded. We are trying to solve that by finding good areas for them, and helping the bison to get there. 

Ecological role

The bison is not only endangered and in strong need of more space to roam, it is also what is called a “keystone” species in Europe’s ecosystems. Its grazing and browsing pressure opens up bush land into open mosaic landscapes and its trampling and manure creates space for hundreds of other species. The bison is simply a biodiversity enforcer that we really need out there! Maybe even in a forest near you?

What will we do with your contribution, and what is your reward?

Altogether, this reintroduction work costs about 4,000 euros per bison.

If you pay for a whole bison, you are invited to experience their release on location as our special guest! All you have to do is travel to Armenis and we will take care of the rest.

But you can also contribute smaller amounts. For 1,000 euros, you will get free personal guided tour (maximum 5 people) to see the bison in the wild with one of our bison rangers.

If you give a smaller amount, this will help us feeding the bison during transport and acclimatisation in the release area.

For contributions over 300 euros, we will send you a nice box with a limited edition bison T-shirt, as well as a selection of local products from the Tarcu Mountains bison release area in the Southern Carpathians, Romania. This is also a way to help local people there realise that bison actually means business, also for the beekeepers and fruit farmers.

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  • Catarina Roseta Palma (03/03/2015 | 11:46)

    Biodiversity in Europe is still not improving, as noted in the EEA's SOER 2015 today - and it will not improve unless we have more REWILDING.

  • Julia (27/02/2015 | 15:33)

    Reading the book "Feral" by George Monbiot has given me new hope and the idea of rewilding Europe (and hopefully other parts of this world) is thrilling to me as a biologist!

  • Niclas Ohlsson (27/02/2015 | 12:18)

    Sustainability is a key word for our ability to live off and on this planet in years to come. If rewilding Europe can be achieved it is a large step in a direction where it has become a reality.

  • Philip parkes (20/02/2015 | 23:22)

    I would love to see these guys roaming free all over Europe!

  • HENNO Robert (19/02/2015 | 19:05)

    Rewilding Europe must be not only a dream but also a reality

  • raleigh latham (18/02/2015 | 00:43)

    Rewilding is the most beautiful idea I have ever seen in the world. The idea to bring back europe some semblance of it's past animals is breathtaking and desperately needed.

  • Stanislaw Wawrzyczek (16/02/2015 | 13:44)

    I'm really happy that you are doing this. I have seen the bisons in a farm somewhere in eastern Poland, I would love to know that they can roam free like they used to. Thank you!

  • Bogdan Banut (16/02/2015 | 10:19)

    I hope that one day we'll see these beautiful animals roaming free throughout all the woods of Europe

  • jonathan wilson (10/02/2015 | 06:55)

    We desperately need to save these last wild places.

  • Allan Taylor (06/02/2015 | 20:08)

    I want to see Europe restored to the state it was in before Homo sapiens became the dominant species there.

  • Charlie Burrell (06/02/2015 | 13:44)

    into rewilding - have my own project - Knepp Wildlnad

  • pietro caccia dominioni (27/01/2015 | 12:45)

    for a Europe more wild and inhabited by wonderful animals

  • Roland Babilon (26/01/2015 | 22:58)

    The European bison is an impressive animal and it deserves our efforts to establish it as an integral part of our European ecosystem in sufficient numbers. I donated what I was able to and hope for more donated money since it is necessary to allow the European bison a full comeback!

  • Chris Dumont (18/01/2015 | 20:51)

    Bring back the wild!

  • Heinz Brenner (11/01/2015 | 17:22)

    I like the bisons very much and want to support the "Rewilding Europe"-project and the nature.

  • Achim Dittrich (09/01/2015 | 23:41)

    I very much support the idea of a wilder Europe since a wild nature gives us so much more than so most of the material items which we strive to acquire all the time

  • Claus Thomsen (08/01/2015 | 14:37)

    Let's give the Big Hairy Beasts a second chance :)

  • Jan-Sebastian Breitlauch (07/01/2015 | 00:37)

    I just came back from Uganda, where I experienced Rhinos in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, a wonderful project. I believe bisons deserve a similar chance in Europe to live in the wild.

  • maartenkleijne (25/12/2014 | 17:48)

    A small symbolic amount just to feel like being part of it

  • Staffan Widstrand (25/12/2014 | 16:28)

    To Klas, Fredrik and Vibeke Hyltén-Cavallius and Lissen Alm, with hairy X-mas greetings from the Widstrand Family

  • Ninna Widstrand (23/12/2014 | 17:53)

    Dear Grandmother Ninna,
    this is our Christmas gift to you for 2014. Hope you get well and strong as a bison! Kisses and hugs, Mimmi and Liisa

  • Eleanor Evertsen (23/12/2014 | 17:03)

    Bison are awesome and I would love to see them roam all over Europe!

  • Katelijne Morreel (23/12/2014 | 12:15)

    A gift for my husband, a big fan of everything related to bisons...

  • Charlotte Hagstad (22/12/2014 | 12:43)

    I feel grateful and proud that I can be a part of this project by making a contribution. I hope to someday see this magnificent animals where they belong; in nature, in a wilder Europe!

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